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Thursday, Apr 24th

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April 27 - One River, Many Wells


One River, Many Wells   

Rev. Mark Hayes

We explore the idea that the variety of world religions, at their core, are merely varied expressions of the same underlying reality of human life and experience.

Music: The Jazz Band


May 4 - Spirit of Justice


May 4 “The Spirit of Justice”

Rev. Mark Hayes

For religious people, work for social justice should be grounded in something more 

fundamental than mere politics. Far from being mutually exclusive, spirituality and justice work 

can mutually support each other.

Music: Myrthe

May 4 - SS - Living the Life We Value


 Soulful Sundown  @ 7:30pm

“Living the Life We Value?”

Chas Brua and Virginia Hubbs

All of us have been students and have had the experience of receiving a grade for our 

performance. And often unconsciously, many of us “grade” our own lives. In this service, we'll 

explore the things we each think are important to a life well lived--and ways we can use these 

insights for growth.

May 11 - God is Not One

  “God Is Not One”

Rev.Mark Hayes

We have considered various religions as simply different expressions of the same underlying 

reality. Another view is that there are very real differences, which it is important to 

acknowledge and understand if there is to be authentic interfaith dialogue.

Music: Rachel Zimmerman and Leah Maines

May 18 - Spring Concert


May 18 Soulful Sundown

NO Soulful Sundown so people can attend the UUFCC Spring Concert.

May 18 - Love Letters to the Earth (2)


 "The Spirit of Youth is the Hope of the World"

by the Religious Education Classes

The Religious Education classes will share what they studied this year. We will celebrate a 

child dedication and a have a bridging ceremony for two graduating seniors. Please join us to 

celebrate a wonderful year of Religious Education and to support the children, teachers and all 

who give their time and talents to grow our Fellowship. 

Music: The RE Singers

May 25 - Loss and Remembrance

 “Loss and Remembrance”

Rev. Mark Hayes

Alfred Lord Tennyson claimed that ”'Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have

loved at all.” Indeed, memories of those we’ve loved and lost are bittersweet. Is love worth the 

risk of loss?

Music: Doug and Megan Irwin

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