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 February 18, 2018

Black History Month? Why?

Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel

Is BHM still relevant or useful? Should we continue to set aside every February to
acknowledge the man-made construct of race, and lift up the highlights and heroes
of one specific group of people? When originated in 1926, (as Negro History Week),
Carter Woodson contended that Negro History Week,“… was essential to ensure the
physical and intellectual survival of the [Black] race within broader society.” Is that
still true?

February 25th at 10am

Music Sunday

Colleen Kennedy, UUFCC Music Director

Soulful Sundown

Soulful Sundown is a quiet, contemplative, and thought-provoking service that consists of readings, quiet time, music and sharings.  Come and reset your spirit as you face the week ahead! Typically held the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, this service is open to anyone in the Fellowship and general community.  Questions?  Have a Sundown idea or offer of assistance?  Contact Cathi Alloway at allowaycs@gmail.com or by phone at 717-512-7299.

 Feb 18, 7:00pm “Healing Grief”

After the descent into the Underworld of Grief, the time eventually comes to emerge and rejoin the world of the living.  This second of 2 services will discuss the importance of completing the journey of grief and the ways we are changed by the journey.

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