Who Can Become A Member?

Anyone who fundamentally agrees with the Principles of Unitarian Universalism, and who is willing to support the UUFCC community, and be a responsible part of the congregation.

Why Become A Member?

  • You have found your spiritual home at the UUFCC
  • You find that Unitarian Universalism expresses your values
  • You want to be part of a community that encourages and stimulates you to live your values
  • You want to affect change by being connected with others who share your values.
  • You want to stand up for social justice and religious toleration.
  • You want to have a vote in the future of the UUFCC, and how it serves members and the wider community.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Member?

As a member, we hope that you will:

  • Strive to learn the UU Principles
  • Volunteer some of your time and talent at the UUFCC when you feel ready
  • Sustain the UUFCC with financial support
  • Vote at congregational meetings
  • Develop yourself by growing and learning
  • Involve yourself in activities that improve the community and the world

As a member, we require that you:

  • Return your Annual Update Form

How Do I Become A Member?

At the point when you feel you identify yourself as a Unitarian Universalist, with a clear understanding of the Principles and a desire to make them part of your life, you may contact the Membership Coordinator, Olivia Harper, to sign the membership book. It is a simple process, but reflects your fundamental agreement with the Principles, and your intent to support our community, as you are able.