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Hospitality Teams

Hospitality Teams


Hospitality Teams are a great way to meet people and learn about the Fellowship. Teams are in charge of Sunday morning hospitality. This includes greeting, ushering, providing food and beverages, cleaning-up and creating a visual display for the Sunday service. Team members also have social times to relax and get to know each other better. Each of the five teams provides hospitality for four Sundays, two or three times per year. 

All members, friends and interested visitors are encouraged to participate on a Team.
More information: Hospitality Team Leader

Hospitality Team Schedule

Wondering when your Team is on duty? See it below.


Team Role Descriptions

Team Communicator

Team Communicators let their Team members know when they will be on duty, create the schedule, and let them know when the Team party will be.

Hospitality Team Communicator Task List

Hospitality Team Sample Email for Communicators

Hospitality Team Sample Schedule

Hospitality Team Sample Schedule Worksheet.xls

Team Facilitators

Team Facilitators oversee the Hospitality Team activities for a given Sunday. They make sure that all the activities are covered, and they train and introduce new members of the Hospitality Team.

Hospitality Team Facilitator Checklist


Greeter Task List


Ushers Task List

Coffee Makers

Coffee Maker Task List

Coffee Servers

Coffee Servers Task List

Coffee Cleanup

Coffee Clean-up task List

Visual Display

Visual Display Task List

Hygiene & Cleanliness


Food Handling Safety

Hospitality Team Schedule

5/31/2015 Ladybugs
6/7/2015 Ladybugs
6/14/2015 Ladybugs
6/21/2015 Ladybugs
6/28/2015 Helping Hands
7/5/2015 Helping Hands
7/12/2015 Helping Hands
7/19/2015 Helping Hands
1/31/2016 Service Stars
2/7/2016 Ever-Red-Es
2/14/2016 Ever-Red-Es
3/6/2016 Ladybugs
3/13/2016 Ladybugs
3/20/2016 Ladybugs
3/27/2016 Ladybugs
4/3/2016 Helping Hands
4/10/2016 Helping Hands
4/17/2016 Helping Hands
4/24/2016 Helping Hands
5/1/2016 Blessed Bees
5/8/2016 Blessed Bees
5/15/2016 Blessed Bees
5/22/2016 Blessed Bees
5/29/2016 Service Stars
6/5/2016 Service Stars
6/12/2016 Service Stars
6/19/2016 Service Stars
6/26/2016 Ever-Red-Es
7/3/2016 Ever-Red-Es
7/10/2016 Ever-Red-Es
7/17/2016 Ever-Red-Es
7/24/2016 Ladybugs
7/31/2016 Ladybugs
8/7/2016 Ladybugs
8/14/2016 Ladybugs
8/21/2016 Helping Hands
8/28/2016 Helping Hands
9/4/2016 Helping Hands
9/11/2016 Helping Hands
9/18/2016 Blessed Bees
9/25/2016 Blessed Bees
10/2/2016 Blessed Bees
10/9/2016 Blessed Bees
10/16/2016 Service Stars
10/23/2016 Service Stars
10/30/2016 Service Stars
11/6/2016 Service Stars
11/13/2016 Ever-Red-Es
11/20/2016 Ever-Red-Es
11/27/2016 Ever-Red-Es
12/04/2016 Ever-Red-Es
12/11/2016 Ladybugs
12/18/2016 Ladybugs
12/25/2016 Ladybugs
1/01/2017 Ladybugs
1/08/2017 Helping Hands
1/15/2017 Helping Hands
1/22/2017 Helping Hands
1/29/2017 Helping Hands
2/05/2017 Blessed Bees
2/12/2017 Blessed Bees
2/19/2017 Blessed Bees
2/26/2017 Blessed Bees
3/05/2017 Service Stars
3/12/2017 Service Stars
3/19/2017 Service Stars
3/26/2017 Service Stars
4/02/2017 Ever-Red-Es
4/09/2017 Ever-Red-Es
4/16/2017 Ever-Red-Es
4/23/2017 Ever-Red-Es
4/30/2017 Ladybugs
5/07/2017 Ladybugs
5/14/2017 Ladybugs
5/21/2017 Ladybugs
5/28/2017 Helping Hands
6/04/2017 Helping Hands
6/11/2017 Helping Hands
6/18/2017 Helping Hands
6/25/2017 Blessed Bees
7/02/2017 Blessed Bees
7/09/2017 Blessed Bees
7/16/2017 Blessed Bees
7/23/2017 Service Stars
7/30/2017 Service Stars
8/06/2017 Service Stars
8/13/2017 Service Stars
8/20/2017 Ever-Red-Es
8/27/2017 Ever-Red-Es
9/03/2017 Ever-Red-Es
9/10/2017 Ever-Red-Es
9/17/2017 Ladybugs
9/24/2017 Ladybugs
10/01/2017 Ladybugs
10/08/2017 Ladybugs
10/15/2017 Helping Hands
10/22/2017 Helping Hands
10/29/2017 Helping Hands
11/05/2017 Helping Hands
11/12/2017 Blessed Bees
11/19/2017 Blessed Bees
11/26/2017 Blessed Bees
12/03/2016 Blessed Bees
12/10/2016 Service Stars
12/17/2016 Service Stars
12/24/2016 Service Stars
12/31/2016 Service Stars

Getting Started with Hospitality Teams

What do UUFCC’s Hospitality Teams do?

They do all Sunday morning hospitality, including greeting, ushering, providing food and beverages, clean-up and creating visual display for the Sunday service. For details about these specific roles, see Team Role Descriptions (above).

What ELSE do Hospitality Teams do?

Yes, they get the coffee made and ensure that hospitality does not fall on just a few good souls; about 95% of our active congregants serve on Hospitality Teams. But more importantly, Teams have given our Fellowship other benefits:

  • Connection. New members of each Team can connect with a subset of all congregants; all 200 of us at once on Sunday mornings can be overwhelming.
  • Friendship. Team members can get to know one another better; you can learn a lot about two or three other people while making coffee and putting out food with them.
  • Empowerment. People on Teams feel they “own” the building; they know where things are and how they work, and can creatively solve problems when they arise.
  • Leadership. Facilitator and Communicator let people try minor roles as leaders; some of ours enjoyed them and went on to much larger responsibilities.
  • Atmosphere. Sunday mornings are friendly and lively at the Fellowship; perhaps our enthusiasm overwhelms shy visitors, but at least few people get ignored! We have FUN!
  • Memories. Take a look at photos of some of the creative Visual Displays and Team Parties we’ve come up with. 

Hospitality Team Tools

 Here are some things we’ve developed that make Teams work smoothly:

  • Shifts. Each Team serves for 4 Sundays in a row; then they are off duty and can enjoy (guilt free) the hospitality of our other four Teams for 16 weeks.  Click here for the schedule of which Team is up when.
  • Communicator Letters. The Communicator of each Team contacts all Team members several weeks before their shift and asks about role preferences and when each person will be available, then creates a schedule. The Communicator also sends out reminders to Team members. Samples are above.
  • Facilitator Checklist. Team Facilitators supervise on Sunday mornings to make sure that all the tasks are covered, new people are trained, needed supplies are found, and so forth. To be sure the most important things don’t get overlooked, they can use a checklist like the one above.
  • Team Parties. Most Teams have at least one just-for-fun party before, during, or following each shift. These build fellowship, let people get to know one another’s families (they are usually at somebody’s home) and are simply enjoyable. Team parties include BBQs, board game parties, Superbowl parties, pizza parties, picnics, Easter Egg decorating parties, movie nights...

Want to try Hospitality Teams at YOUR Congregation?

If you are intrigued by what you see on our web site and would consider starting your own Teams, we’d be glad to answer your questions and send you supporting information. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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