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UUFCC is so much more than Sunday morning service.  The Fellowship is vibrant and active seven days – and nights – a week with opportunities to learn, to grow, to be of service to others, to build relationships and to part of a diverse, energetic community.

There are many ways – big and small – to get involved.  Maybe you’d like to share a talent or skill. Or perhaps you’d like to stretch yourself and try out something completely new. What do you feel called to do?

Share Talents and Gifts   We embrace the belief that every member and friend in the congregation has unique gifts that can enrich spiritual growth and promote health and healing in our world. Each of us has much to contribute to build and sustain a vital congregation. We want to help connect members and friends to opportunities of interest, and we will also help members and friends of the congregation discover their gifts and talents for ministry.

Contact Form for Membership Committee

Deepening your involvement at UUFCC will enrich our community and you individually. Contact the people listed here to learn more about how you might get involved.

Adult Religious Education

The Adult Religious Education program is designed to further help adults seek out and explore their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and creative potential

Courses may extend over a period of time or be presented as a one-time lecture, program, or activity.

More information: Director of Religious Education


Aesthetics Committee


The Aesthetics Committee is in charge of the keeping our Fellowship looking beautiful and interesting.  Wendy Snetsinger and Dorothy Durrenberger are two of State College's local artists who make this happen.  Don't forget to stop and marvel at the artwork in the building, particularly the Sanctuary. 

More information: Aesthetics Committee Chair



Annual Budget Drive

The Annual Budget Drive conducts the annual Pledge Campaign.

In order to plan for expenditures like staff salaries, utilities and programs, members and others who are committed to the UUFCC make a financial pledge to contribute money in the coming year. This allows us to budget our expenses wisely.


 More information: Stewardship Chair


Annual Follies

Since 2008, the UUFCC has ended each Budget Drive with an food, music, laughter and fellowship provided by the Fellowship’s excellent musicians and comedians.

When: March or April 
More information: Follies Coordinators


Building Committee

The Building Committee is in charge of taking care of the interior and exterior of the building and repairs.

More information: Building Committee Chair

Caring Committee

If you enjoy helping others through activities such as bringing a meal to a family with a new baby, giving a ride to someone who can’t drive,or helping prepare a reception for a memorial service, the Caring Committee provides an organized way to become involved.

More info: Caring Committee Coordinator


If you enjoy choral singing of sacred music with a committed and enthusiastic group, please join us! The choir practices weekly and performs twice a month in Sunday services, special Christmas services, and as part of the annual “Music Sunday.”

When: Thursday night practice, 7 - 9pm (Sept – May)
Location: Sanctuary
More info: Music Director

Diving Deep Book Club


Diving Deep is a women’s reading group that meets once a month at the home of one of its members for discussion of a designated book. Books for the coming year are chosen at a yearly potluck, with a preference for female authors.

 Newcomers are welcome.

When: Fourth Tuesday evening of the month, 7:30pm
More information: Diving Deep Leader

Eclectic Readers

  Second Thursday 3-5 p.m. in room 6

Eclectic Readers is an informal reading and discussion group. All are welcome to participate. Come just to listen or to join the conversation. If you care to do so, tell us about anything you have read recently on any topic in any genre and share some excerpts (5-10 minutes). Recently we have discussed magazine articles, history, biographies, children’s books, newspaper editorials, poetry, adventure stories, current fiction, obituaries, detective novels, political articles, winning essays in literary competitions….. Feel free to bring a friend. Attend whenever you can.

Please telephone Marlee Erwin 234-0897 or Reinhard Graetzer 238-5239 for additional information. 

More info: Eclectic Readers

Endowment & Directed Gifts

The Endowment & Directed Gifts Committee's primary responsibility is to oversee and manage the fellowship endowment and major gifts portfolio.


In 1994, UUFCC president Ed Budd asked Bob Herron to form an Endowment Committee with the purpose of providing financial stability as well as enabling the fellowship to support “projects that enhance the goals of the UUFCC.” In addition to Bob, charter members were Louise Richards, Don Hamer, Michal Keune, and Marshall Raffel. A bequest from the Oppenheimer family was the first bequest and the next was jewelry from Henry Kirchner. Donations are given in addition to annual pledge revenue and are maintained separately. Because a donation is sometimes given with a specified purpose, the name “Endowment & Directed Gifts Committee,” was selected in recognition that some gifts are given with conditions attached. Examples of Directed Gifts are the tile floor and chairs in the sanctuary as well as the playground equipment. Other contributions supplement the congregation’s annual revenue. The Brickwedde Fund is an example of a donation, which was invested to provide $1,000 annually to the Fellowship. The Committee manages several funds, all with terms and conditions specified by the donors or their bequests.

Current Activities of the E&DG Committee

Members of the committee meet every three months to review the funds’ activities and to discuss requests as well as investment strategy for the next quarter.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund are frequently given in memory of a family member or members. One member made a generous donation to honor her parents. Inge Moser, a lifelong member, bequeathed a gift specified for the Endowment Fund. Later, in 2003, a separate fund-raising drive was initiated by a generous bequest from Inge’s husband, Gerald Moser. The initial award was used to create the Gerald Moser Pacesetter Fund with a goal to raise $30,000 over three years. The generosity of the contributors to this effort, however, resulted in over $50,000 being raised in five years, providing for the expansion of the Director of Lifespan Religious Education position to a full-time effort and taking the first step towards the building expansion initiative.

In 2012, at the request of the Caring Committee, the Endowment Fund provided $1,630 to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator. This purchase, not possible from operating revenue, was considered an idea whose time had come and the E&DG committee provided the resources to purchase the unit.


The Endowment & Directed Gifts Committee is always open to suggestions for ideas. If you are interested in learning more about our efforts, please talk to anyone on the committee. We welcome your input and inquiries.


More information: Endowment & Directed Gifts Chair

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