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 Important: Green Sanctuary News

The world faces enormous environmental challenges. The call for ecological awareness stems from our seven Principles. Our spiritual orientation shapes our moral values which question the social, economic and political systems we have helped create. The quest for justice and healing of the Earth impels us to re-examine our daily patterns of life: how we live, what and how much we consume and who controls the distribution of costs and benefits in our society. In our faith community, we turn to worship, celebration, study and reflection to find the courage, strength and patience to continue our quest for a just and sustainable future for all beings.

The Green Sanctuary Committee has been busy finalizing the 11 actions and eco-justice outreach projects proposed for UUFCC to meet the UUA requirements for Green Sanctuary Certification Status.

Actions are derived from a year of membership/ committee research and collaboration with other committees and individuals at the UUFCC. If you want to get involved with any particular action, contact the appropriate committee, designated person, or Dorothy Blair.

 Following are the Green Sanctuary Initiatives that are underway at the moment - We need everyone to pitch in to keep our efforts going forward!!

 1. Increase the number of yearly Web of Life worship services to 4 – 6 (from the current 2 – 3)

Note: our first worship service was 3/14/16: “Where is Food in the Web of Life?” (Sunday Services Committee)

2. Encourage more short Sunday-service sharings about earth-based spiritual matters

(Sunday Services Committee/Dorothy Blair)

3. Introduce two new seasonal celebrations: Yule and Earth Day

(Sunday Services Committee/Religious Education/Green Sanctuary)

4. Increase Earth-based content of religious education by adding new UUA children’s curricula (Religious Education)

5. Teach an adult/youth green-foods course and provide bulletin boards to support a “green foods” table at the coffee hour

(Dorothy Blair, Frans Padt, Wendy Snetsinger)

6. Hold an adult/youth Green Sanctuary Film Series at 7:15 p.m. on third Wednesday nights.

(Troy Frank)

7. Reduce our car footprint through transport alternatives and environmental assessment. (Frans Padt)

8. Enhance physical-plant sustainability through LED lights in the sanctuary and lowflow toilets.

(Andy Lau)

9. Continue collection and Borough composting of all compostable items at the UUFCC.

(Bob Minard)

10. Enhance the Sustainability of the UUFCC Grounds through conversion of grass to biome-enhancing plantings.

(Tony Guerrero, Grounds Committee)

11. Enhance social, eco-justice and climate change action through once-monthly after services letter writing, advocacy training, etc.  (Janet Swim & Peg

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